Flic Financial CEO explains key to ‘collaborative’ home solar financing

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Houston-based Flic Financial launched in 2022, focused on creative financing solutions that help more homeowners go solar.

“Before we entered the market, it was a one-size-fits-all residential solar financing landscape that did not reward quality installers with access to differentiated loan products based on the strength of their businesses,” said Flic Financial CEO Christy Hartman. “Like any relatively new field, there are lot of fly-by-night companies in it and a lot of pitfalls to avoid. Flic Financial’s strategies are designed to help homeowners make smart decisions.”

Hartman, along with the private equity firms Genesis Park and GEC, founded Flic Financial in 2022 to help homeowners reach their goal of achieving affordable ways to harness their own energy. Today, Flic Financial processes several hundred solar loans per month and has helped thousands of customers transition to solar energy.

“As we enter 2024, Flic Financial is connecting elite solar installers’ customers with leading lenders to provide new financing options for solar that are unavailable through lower-tier installers,” Hartman says. “Our philosophy is simple. We believe the best solar installers should have access to unique loan products for their customers.”

What’s unique about the Flic Financial approach? Collaboration with their top, trusted installers, according to Hartman. Flic brainstorms ideas for loan products with their solar installers and lending partners, to find new solutions that fit customer needs.

“No other solar financing providers work in this way,” Hartman says. “We believe top-tier solar installers should have access to superior, differentiated loan products because they provide superior solar solutions.

That’s why we don’t work with transient, unreliable solar installers. Our installer partners can offer their customers exceptional loan products, and our lenders can be assured they are making loans on high-quality equipment backed up by excellent installer customer service. It is a win-win arrangement for everyone.”

Flic Financial says it is working with several national solar installers and lending partners, such as Freedom Solar, which has its corporate HQ in Austin, Texas, but has offices in Denver, Colorado Springs, Tampa, Orlando, Norfolk-Virginia Beach, Raleigh-Durham, and Charlotte as well as three other offices in Texas.

“Freedom Solar is partnering with Flic Financial because we want to provide the best financing available for our residential customers and we want the loan process to be simple, clear and easy” said Freedom Solar CEO Bret Biggart. “Our energy consultants can call Flic and get help even if it is late at night.” Flic provides real-time live support including nights and weekends, via a hotline answered by highly trained administrators.

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