Solar Power International Action Plan: What to see at the largest solar trade show in the country

I need a standing seam roof solution

SunModo 1 inch seam

1-in. and 2-in. options
Featuring rust-free aluminum alloy and roof-safe oval end set screws, SunModo’s new standing seam clamps work on a wide variety of seam profiles. The product family includes 1- and 2-in. clamps available in a 50-mm width standard version with two set screws and a 30-mm width mini version with one set screw. The set screw of the 1-in. EZ Standing Seam Clamp can be installed on either the vertical leg of the clamp or on the 10-degree leg of the clamp. The 2-in. EZ Standing Seam Clamp installs in situ at the desired seam attachment location. No more sliding the clamp up the roof line with this unique two-part assembly. Booth 2876


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One-tool install
S-5! has released PV Kit 2.0 EdgeGrab and PV Kit 2.0 MidGrab, offering solar panel installers significant improvements and easier installation. Among the improvements to the new PV Kit 2.0: Only one tool needed for installation, preassembled components, installed with the module for reduced layout time, a 1-in. gap between modules for reduced load per ASCE-7. The improved disk design works with all S-5! clamps and exposed-fastened brackets. Booth 2476

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Ace Clamp PV

Non-penetrating pin
The AceClamp Solar Attachment Kit by PMC Industries is a precision engineered standing seam solar clamp that’s one of the fastest installing solar attachment kits on the market. As a rackless-type hold down, the AceClamp A2 along with the Solar Kit offers a low-cost alternative to secure PV panels to SSMRs (Standing Seam Metal Roofs). Plus, its patented, non-penetrating sliding-pin design helps preserve the panel warranty. The same AceClamp can also be used with an L-Foot bracket design for the attachment of rail systems used in other types of PV installations. Booth 2784


Solar Connections

Universal mount
Solar Connections is introducing the new patent-pending Universal PowerMount-9000S to be used with virtually any R-Panel Roof System. The flat base of the single-piece design allows the mount to be installed between ribs making it universal across all R-Panel metal roofs. Use the PowerMount-S with any manufacturer’s L-Foot or the Universal L-Foot to attach any rail system or go rail-less with the Solar Connection Kit with and patent-pending GroundBonding Technology. The SCI Kit is UL 1703 and UL 2703 listed and approved. Booth 452


What’s your SPI Action Plan?

I need a turnkey or full-service provider for large-scale projects

I need a standing seam roof solution

I want to reduce costs in C&I component costs.

I need to know about NEC 2017-ready inverers.

I am looking for something new on the residential rooftop.

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