Resolving Complexities in a Landfill Community Solar Project, part 3: The COVID-19 Challenge

Located on the outskirts of Beverly, Mass., in Essex County, the Beverly Community Solar Project was four and a half years in the making. Early challenges included waiting for an open incentive program that would make the project economically viable. In late 2018, Massachusetts introduced its new solar incentive program, Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target Program or SMART, and the door opened for the Beverly Solar Project. Little could the project stakeholders anticipate the extraordinary circumstances that were to be encountered ahead.

Part 3: The COVID-19 Challenge

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Beverly Landfill Solar Project

One of the biggest and most unique challenges the teams were confronted with on the Beverly Landfill Solar Project was COVID-19. This was a potential force majeure event that was not in the plans. With very little notice, Signal Energy DG needed to mobilize their teams to develop an inventive and extensive plan to meet the needs of the situation. They had to re-think managing a project from an installation standpoint.

First-order was to establish hyper-sanitary conditions with hand washing stations, hand sanitizer, and regular cleaning of work areas. Crews were issued mandatory personal protective equipment. New schedules were created that limited crew members to specific tasks and engagement with team members. Their activity was closely documented and managed to ensure rules were adhered to and employees’ health and safety were foremost.

The construction crew also dealt with delivery issues as the supply chain became disrupted due to the pandemic. The company managed schedules and juggled work activities to accommodate the delays and to date remain on schedule with the project. While Signal Energy DG could have declared force majeure and stopped work, as some solar EPCs had done on other projects, their team and subcontractors persisted through the challenges.

Project Benefits

Beverly Landfill Solar Project

Beverly Landfill Solar Project

When BlueWave’s Beverly Community Solar Project meets completion, it will deliver significant benefits to the community and be a milestone project in the solar industry.

The distributed generation project will fiscally impact the municipality with income from lease payments, the PILOT tax agreement, and electricity cost savings totaling over the 20 years of the project to the tune of an estimated five million dollars. Ultimately those monies will benefit the residents and businesses of Beverly.

As a landfill project converted to a solar power generation plant, the land has gone from an unused asset to a productive source of clean power. The Beverly Solar Project will generate enough energy to power approximately 500 homes.

The community will effectively reduce their carbon footprint and the project will contribute to a cleaner environment. On an annual basis, the plant will offset 3,720 metric tons of carbon emissions or the equivalent of removing nearly 800 cars off the road.

As a community solar project, the city has created an opportunity for residents and businesses to utilize clean renewable energy. Solar is a lower-cost energy, so the city will reduce their electricity spend, unlocking a portion of their budget for other important initiatives. Through the subscription process for community solar, they have also made lower-cost energy available to the people who live and work in the community.

About the team

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  • Congrats to BlueWave on the success of this complex project

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    What an awesome use of “unusable land” and such an excellent article series. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see many more of these type of projects – despite the pandemic!

  • Staci
    July 9, 2020 15:23:09

    Great article series! Congrats to BlueWave!

  • July 9, 2020 16:29:16

    Nice article, and way to go BlueWave and Signal Energy! Certainly an impressive feat on how you overcame the challenges and created yet another successful project. Well done!

  • Navisun is the new owner of the Beverly Landfill Solar Project.