Mounting Systems: MVPs of Industry Progress

EcoFasten-(cut-1)Welcome to the 2015 edition of the Solar Builder Mounting Guide. Within this year’s guide, we look at all of the advancements in mounting technology currently driving the industry forward and what additional trends are on the horizon; we discuss the effects of severe weather and what you can do to protect your investment; we look at how regulations and codes are playing into mounting strategy; and we roundup some of the top mounting products on the market.

The Mounting Guide is one of our favorite issues here at Solar Builder because solar mounts are really the unsung heroes of the industry. If the entire PV system was analogized to a football team, the panels and the inverters would be the quarterbacks and running backs. They light up the scoreboard and make the splashy headlines. They appeal to the broader audience; whereas mounting systems are like the offensive line. They set the foundation. They do the dirty work.

And nowadays, no matter the style of offense (sorry, analogy over) there is a mounting system that will fit the job. As you’ll read in our Mounting Tech Trends feature (page 20), through the evolution of technology, and because of the demands/desires of project financers and install teams, there are more universal, streamlined, turn-key and customizable mounting solutions than ever before. Through both simplified designs and greater site-specific adaptability, mounting systems are truly helping to remove limitations that used to exist for certain projects and to drive the industry forward.
Enjoy the issue. (Ready — break!)

Chris Crowell, Managing Editor,

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