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14_03_2014 168ABB
The ABB MICRO Inverter is compatible with the widest range of panels (manufacturers, power/watts and voltages). It offers the best panel shading tolerance and performance in low light due to the widest DC input voltage range (12 to 75 volts), says ABB. This inverter has only five system components which reduce the installation costs and increases design flexibility. It offers maximum power density and high efficiency rating (maximum 96.5%, rated 96.0%) which will maximize energy harvest.

With a wireless system monitoring, ABB’s CDD monitoring system better enables installers to manage customer’s sites while providing client sites for the homeowner to use. The site can be monitored from any mobile device using an iOS/Android app.


APS AmericaAPS America
PV modules meet their perfect match in APS microinverters. The company’s flagship product is the YC500, handling two modules per microinverter with each panel having its own MPPT for optimum output. Compatible with any 60- or 72-cell module, APS microinverters make solar arrays more economical, reliable and efficient.

Introducing this summer: The groundbreaking APS YC1000 — the world’s first true three-phase, four-panel microinverter for large commercial applications. Designed to work with three or four PV modules (up to 310 W each) and providing 208 V to 480 V, three-phase grid voltages, the YC1000 is an industry first — available only from APS.

darfonDarfon Solar
Darfon Solar designs and manufactures solar energy products, including microinverters and off-grid energy systems. Darfon’s newest microinverter, the MIG300, was designed for ease of installation with the ability to install up to 25 units per 30-A branch circuit for flexible array layout. The MIG300 has a maximum input power rating of 300 W, making it compatible with a wide range of solar modules. For added peace of mind, the MIG300 is fully potted to increase heat dissipation and is backed by a 25-year warranty. The MIG300 also comes with Darfon’s new cloud-based, real-time monitoring system.


Enphase MicroinverterEnphase Energy
Enphase Energy delivers its fourth-generation Enphase System to make installations faster and more flexible. The fourth-generation Enphase System includes the M250 microinverter, M215 microinverter, Envoy Communications Gateway (with Wi-Fi option) and Enlighten software platform. Enphase microinverters now feature integrated ground technology that eliminates the need for a copper grounding wire, reducing labor and materials costs. In addition, Enphase microinverters offer a best-in-class 96.5 percent CEC efficiency. Having undergone an unprecedented, industry-leading one million hours of pre-launch testing, the fourth-generation Enphase microinverter defines a new industry standard in microinverter reliability.


SMA Sunny Boy 240-USSMA America
SMA America’s Sunny Boy 240-US microinverter system is ideal for residential rooftops with complex, shaded situations. It features groundbreaking SMA Sunny Multigate technology, which enables greater energy production and superior reliability by mitigating the damaging effects of temperature-related stress commonly found under a module. It also increases communication reliability by keeping the powerline communications on a private band and boasts an improved cabling concept that eliminates the need for a trunk and branch cabling scheme. Simple installation is achieved by pre-assembled AC plugs and connection cables used in a daisy chain configuration, as well as multiple DC connector options.


solarbridgeSolarBridge Technologies
SolarBridge Technologies is the leading provider of microinverter technology used in AC modules, says the company. SolarBridge partners with leading solar module manufacturers to provide integrated AC module solutions to the North American and Australian markets. AC modules with SolarBridge’s Pantheon II microinverters are available from ET Solar, BenQ Solar, SunPower and MAGE Solar. At Intersolar 2014, SolarBridge is introducing the TrueAC Module System — a fully certified AC module and management system that includes an on-site Power Manager and web-based Power Portal, now available direct from SolarBridge and from qualified distributors.

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