On-Demand Webinar: Closer look at the full line of Solis Inverters

Solis, Secure your Energy Future

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Solis, a global PV inverter and energy storage solutions provider, has unveiled new features to make PV and energy storage system design, installation, and O&M easier than ever. Get the inside scoop from Terence Parker, compliance/application engineering manager with Solis Inverters, in this webinar from our archives.

You’ll learn:

  • How to provide your customers with a whole-home backup solution that is both versatile and affordable
  • How commercial PV string inverters and battery storage can generate better IRR for customers looking for Peak Shaving and TOU solutions.
  • How the latest PV string inverter technologies pair with new rapid shutdown, module-level monitoring, and optimization devices to boost performance and customer value
  • About new commercial and utility-scale inverters with the flexibility to operate efficiently at both new sites and older sites that need repowering
  • Advanced PV system monitoring and remote control with plug-and-play communication devices and the SolisCloud monitoring platform 

Download and watch here

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