Three intriguing home solar + storage announcements at CES 2024

CES 2024 photo

More and more consumer-focused power brands are beefing up their product offerings for solar + storage homeowners. Several new systems and services made their debut at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Here’s an overview of notable announcements:

Bluetti adds solar installation services

Bluetti has built a brand on portable power, but over the last year it has been rounding out its stationary energy storage systems. We got an in-depth look at the EP900 hybrid inverter + home battery system in this episode of The Pitch:

And at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Bluetti showed off Bluetti Solar+, which expands the company beyond just providing rooftop solar and home battery power solutions. Bluetti Solar+ includes a full-service proposal and installation component as well. Solar+ is initially launching in Texas.

With a system proposal software, the company provides customers with a view of their post-installation home, expected financial returns, and backup duration of their solar battery system. Once customers approve the proposal, a dedicated BLUETTI Solar + project manager oversees the design, permitting process, paperwork completion, buildout, troubleshooting, and inspector quality assurance.

We’ll have much more to say about Solar+ following Intersolar this week. Stay tuned.

EcoFlow debuts DELTA Pro Ultra

DELTA Pro Ultra

EcoFlow a smart hybrid battery generator and backup system called DELTA Pro Ultra that is designed for both extended outages and daily use. With a single-unit capacity of 6 kWh, 7200 W output and 5.6 kW of solar input, it can run an entire home. Its stackable design allows for quick expansion of storage and output. While its compatibility with a variety of energy sources, including solar and gas, caters to a wide range of power needs.

EcoFlow is also launching Smart Home Panel 2, offering an easy way to fully integrate Delta Pro Ultra with any home for quick grid-to-backup transition with auto switch-over. It also optimizes energy use, reducing costs and extending backup through intelligent analysis and solar utilization. When combined with EcoFlow’s new Smart Home Panel 2, DELTA Pro Ultra can be scaled up to 21.6kW of output.

The DELTA Pro Ultra can be charged through AC power, solar panels and gas generators, For solar users, the DELTA Pro Ultra integrates with both existing rooftop solar systems and flexible solar panels, featuring solar input from 5.6kW up to 16.8kW.

Zendure: All about that SuperBase V

Zendure showcased its prowess in clean energy, highlighted by the SuperBase V, a plug-and-play energy storage system for both on-grid and off-grid settings. On-grid, it connects with the PVHub 2000, integrating with a microinverter and solar panel. This setup saves up to 12.8 kWh daily and supports high-power MPPT with a combined capacity of 4800W. It’s designed for diverse home energy needs, emphasizing energy savings.

Off-grid, Superbase V can connect to transfer switch via Zen Y Pro cable, compatible with dual voltage appliances (120V/240V). The system also features smart control, customizable power options from 3600W to 7200W AC, with a capacity of 4.6 to 64 kWh. Qualifying for a 30% tax rebate under the ITC, it is ideal for blackout situations, camping, RV trips, and off-grid living.

Zendure’s Smart Home Panel, a component of the Plug & Play Home Storage System, supports up to 10 power circuits. It integrates with the Zendure App for smart energy management, allowing users to monitor, manage, and customize energy usage. The SuperBase V, with a 3000W solar input and expandable capacity up to 64kWh, meets weekly power requirements.

The PVHub 2000, optimized for large-scale photovoltaic systems, enhances power generation efficiency. It supports solar panels up to 2340W and features fast charging. Integrated with Zendure’s SolarFlow, it exemplifies renewable energy harnessing. The flexible capacity selection offered by AB1000 and AB2000 caters to varied market needs.

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