The Pitch: Large-scale energy storage value drivers with SMA

Large-scale energy storage is entering a boom period. On this episode of The Pitch, we explore the key value drivers and the technology improvements that are leading the segment’s growth trajectory with Chad Spring, Energy Storage Project Sales Account Manager with SMA America. We discuss new revenue streams, what utilities are starting to value and the impact of more flexible, integrated technology.

One insight? Smaller foot prints. “From an inverter solutions provider stand point,” Spring says around the 4-min mark. “We have seen pricing drop dramatically over the past few years, but all while that technology footprint – that physical size – is really becoming much more compact. For example, SMA’s largest central storage inverter provides up to 4.6 MW of output and that combined with a transformer and a switchgear all integrated on a 20 foot skid. Five years ago you’d barely be able to fit 1 MW on a skid of that size.”

Spring walks us through several examples to prove the point on how these various value drivers are combining to reduce costs and grow utility interest. “It’s really exciting that financials are coming in line with what the utilities need for a viable solution.” Watch it for yourself above.

The Pitch is a Solar Builder side project, in which we connect with PV system manufacturers and service providers. We chat awkwardly with them about their innovations and ideas so you don’t have to.

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