SunPower doubles SunVault battery capacity and extends warranty

Sunpower SunVault batteries

SunPower just beefed up its battery storage system, SunVault Storage, to provide more capacity to customers seeking the holy grail of whole-home backup. The updated SunVault has double the energy of previous iterations with 26 kWh and 52 kWh configurations.

These are important upgrades as recent SunPower’s Energy Sense Index found that 40% of homeowners worry about outages every month, and with the length of time an average American goes without electricity doubling between 2013 and 2020.

“As power disruptions are becoming more commonplace, the demand for energy resilience and reliability is higher than ever,” said Nate Coleman, chief products officer at SunPower. “With the new SunVault, we are going beyond just the essentials. Customers can have the peace of mind that even if their grid service is disrupted, their lives don’t have to be.”

Based on system size and design, SunVault customers can use backup energy during a grid outage to help keep indispensable appliances running, like refrigeration and HVAC, as well as power the things that make life easier and more comfortable like a washer/dryer, pool pump or electric vehicle charger.

Just as notable as the extra capacity, SunPower is also backing up all SunVault energy storage systems with a 10-year warranty, including 70% usable energy retention.

On the solar side, SunPower’s Complete Confidence Warranty covers everything from panels and racking to monitoring hardware.

The new SunVault storage system is available to order now with installations set to begin soon.

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