Solid state battery startup eyeing 4 GWh of home, C&I installs in next 30 months

Ampricity solid state battery

A manufacturer with a proprietary solid state battery technology is emerging from stealth mode this week with a plan to deliver up to 4 GW energy storage systems within the next 30 months. Amptricity, founded in 2020 and headquartered in Miami, expects residential systems to begin shipping in early 2023, with commercial 1 MWh ESS units to ship in Q4 2022.

Co-founded by a global team of engineers and renewable-industry experts, its proprietary solid state batteries include a cell capacity above 500 Ah (amp-hour) up to 3,000 Ah with an 11,000-deep discharge cycle.

Battery highlights | This next-generation battery technology represents 8-hour discharge, simultaneous charging and discharging, no thermal runoff, zero toxicity, 100% recyclable, fully functional in extreme cold and hot temperatures, and high energy storage efficiency with an annual retention rate of more than 96%.

The pitch | A short-coming of the current generation of ESS systems, when paired with solar, is PV panels have twice the lifespan. They can also present safety risks for homeowners, increasing insurance costs to cover potential flammable and explosive hazards.

Amptricity’s solid state home energy storage, they say, lasts three times longer than current technologies and carries no explosion risks.

“For example, last year in Texas, homeowners suffered blackouts and fatalities from a winter storm due to the power grid’s fragility. With Amptricity’s solid state technology, homeowners can store energy for backup power—whether they have solar PVs or not,” said Damir Perge, Amptricity CEO and Co-Founder.

Amptricity has 15 commercial product configurations to address every market, including residential, light commercial, industrial, municipal, utilities, and renewables like solar and wind. Amptricity is accepting pre-orders now.

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