LGES launches Prime+ home energy storage system with new inverter

LG Energy Solution

LG Energy Solution is debuting a new residential energy storage system this month called Prime+. It will include, of course, LGES batteries but also, for the first time, a new inverter that LGES is launching in the North American market under its own brand name. LGES is hosting pilot sites with installers across multiple locations in different parts of America ahead of the official launch.

The Prime+ storage solution connects two 10H or 16H Prime battery modules in parallel to offer a capacity of 19.2-32 kWh, with a maximum output of 9.6 kW from the inverter. The system has a modular architecture, and LGES is hyping up the ease of installation and compatibility with any existing PV system.

“What makes Prime+ unique is that the installation process is faster than ever. It takes less than 10 minutes for full inverter and battery commissioning, substantially lifting the time burden for the installers,” said Ryan Simpson, Sales Director of LGES ESS Team in North America.

The full compatibility with the existing PV systems makes Prime+ ideal for any American homeowner looking for retrofit options for partial or whole home backup. Particularly, the new solution is expected to benefit California residents, as the third iteration of net energy metering (NEM 3.0) took effect in mid-April.

Prime+ is offered in two configurations: the backup solution and the arbitrage solution

The backup solution includes the Prime battery, the inverter, and an auto backup device, whereas the arbitrage solution includes the Prime battery, the inverter, and a smart meter.

If the customer wants to operate Prime+ for self-consumption only, then the arbitrage solution will be the right one since it is more cost-effective than the backup solution.

Prime+ comes with a 10-year warranty for the batteries, as well as for the inverter and the auto backup device.

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