High Caliber Energy selects EnerVenue batteries for large Florida project

EnerVenue gigafactory
EnerVenue batteries on a rack.

High Caliber Energy, a Florida-based consulting and EPC firm specialized in LNG and renewables, has placed a 25 MWh order of Energy Storage Vessels (ESVs) from metal-hydrogen battery company EnerVenue. High Caliber Energy’s client is an energy company based in the Southeastern United States, and the order will support a large project for residents in Florida. Delivery on the ESV order will be fulfilled by Q4 2024.

For this project, High Caliber Energy assisted one of its large U.S. energy clients in evaluating solar and battery energy storage system (BESS) technologies with a focus on safety, value, support, and battery lifespan. That vetting process led the client to select EnerVenue ESVs, which will primarily be used to provide load leveling and frequency regulation.

EnerVenue’s differentiated metal-hydrogen battery technology offers long life, efficiency, and flexibility via a highly configurable and scalable product architecture.

“When you compare stats across the array of available stationary energy storage technologies, EnerVenue’s jump off the page for their operational efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness,” said Matt Davis, Managing Partner, High Caliber Energy. “We’re proud to partner with EnerVenue, and we look forward to using ESVs to meet our client’s expanding clean energy initiatives in Florida.”

EnerVenue, which is opening a one-million-square-foot gigafactory in Kentucky to scale production, recently launched a second generation of its Energy Storage Vessels. ESVs feature an expected lifetime of 30 years / 30,000 cycles, deliver 86% capacity after 30,000 cycles, and can cycle up to three times per day without rest. Metal-hydrogen ESVs are fire-safe with zero thermal runaway or propagation risk, eliminating the need for expensive fire suppression solutions. ESVs also are almost entirely recyclable — another compelling advantage over lithium-ion storage systems.

“We’re excited to bring our Energy Storage Vessel technology to Florida through our partnership with High Caliber Energy,” said Randall Selesky, Chief Revenue Officer, EnerVenue. “High Caliber Energy has earned its reputation as a dependable, strategic advisor to energy providers and utilities. They are trusted to optimize storage projects that must meet stringent demands, and EnerVenue does just that by delivering superior performance while also achieving a low levelized cost of energy storage.”

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