Emporia Energy debuts Smart Home Battery System

emporia energy smart home battery

Colorado-based smart home energy tech company Emporia Energy, is rolling out its Smart Home Battery System this month. The integrative new battery is designed to help homeowners optimize their home’s energy efficiency, provide energy back-up during grid outages, and lower energy bills by automating household energy use based on peak demand, time-of-use rates, and solar production.

Compatible with both new build installations and retrofits, the Emporia Battery System can be monitored and controlled in real time via the Emporia Smart Home Energy Management app. With Emporia, homeowners can automate their energy use across their home, from small appliances such as toasters and phone chargers to major systems such as HVAC and EV Charging.

The complete system includes three customizable components – inverter, transformer, and battery module. The inverter comes in 7.5 kW and 9.6 kW sizes, and the battery modules are equipped with BMS and intelligent EMS cloud monitoring that can be combined to accommodate up to 49 kWh of energy storage.

Example | The Smart Home Energy Management System will present the times when electricity costs are highest in the area. Homeowners can then set a Time of Use schedule in the app for the amount of energy they want to discharge from their battery during these peak hours. Then, the system will automatically adjust energy usage across connected devices and appliances and optimize the battery’s total energy storage. In addition, homeowners can set a “Peak Demand Goal’ and the system will adjust energy consumption and discharge battery capacity to stay within their goal.

For homeowners with a solar PV system, the Emporia Home Battery’s Excess Solar management features can optimize the consumption and storage of excess solar production. The Emporia system identifies when excess solar power is being generated, and users can configure their Smart Home Energy Management System to automatically turn on loads, such as charging an electric vehicle, turning on appliances connected to Emporia Smart Plugs, adjusting smart thermostats to pre-cool or heat their home, and charging their Emporia Battery with their excess production.

For added peace of mind, users can access in real-time exactly how much energy they are storing in their home battery at any given moment, both at present and historically by the minute, hour, day, week, month, and year through their app.

Pricing starts at $10,066 for a system with a 7.6kW inverter, transformer, and one 8.2 kWh module.

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