CleanChoice Energy is teaming with Swell Energy to launch a residential energy storage program

CleanChoice Energy

Last year, more than 36.7 million people–including 88,000 Marylanders–were affected by 3,526 reported power outages across the country. CleanChoice Energy, a renewable energy company that provides clean energy products to customers across the country, has partnered with Swell Energy to offer home energy storage batteries to Maryland residents for the first time. Through the partnership, Marylanders can now get clean home energy backup and may be eligible to receive a state tax credit of up to $5,000.

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“People need reliable backup power now more than ever. Climate change is fueling extreme weather that makes the grid more vulnerable to power outages at the exact time that we all depend on electricity for nearly everything. Marylanders can now have peace of mind knowing their lights will stay on when the power goes out,” said Tom Matzzie, CEO of CleanChoice Energy. “Home battery backup makes our homes more resilient, helps move us closer to 100% clean energy, and can make dirty generators obsolete.”

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“This program enables us to offer Maryland CleanChoice Energy consumers a radically simple, cost-effective clean energy and smart home solution,” said Matthew Rising, CRO of Swell Energy.

Swell offers batteries to homeowners as-a-service, and virtually combines the storage capacity across these batteries to provide energy and grid services to its utility and retail electricity partners. Home batteries store energy from the electric grid and provide seamless backup power to run essential items during power outages of up to 12 hours —long enough to get through nine out of 10 utility company power outages.


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