Powin debuts a 20-year lithium-ion energy storage system to align with solar PV lifespans

Powin Battery Stack

Powin Battery Stack

Powin Energy Corporation unveiled three new products this week, Stack225, Stack230 and Stack230P, that incorporate Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) battery cells. All three products were designed by Powin around CATL’s large form factor cells, utilizing Powin’s patented StackOS battery management and controls software — and the result is a product that can perform a wide variety of front-of-the-meter, behind-the-meter, and microgrid applications, yet they are designed to be flexible so that as priorities shift, the battery applications can be adapted to meet the needs of future use cases.

Yes, one has a performance guarantee of 20 years

Already in mass production, Powin’s Stack 225 product is used for 2-hour duration systems and offers a 10-year, one-full-cycle-per-day performance guarantee. The Stack 230P is a product designed for shorter duration applications such as frequency regulation and other ancillary services.

The Stack 230 is Powin’s first product released to the market providing a 20-year, one-full-cycle-per-day performance guarantee. Stack 230 was specifically designed for PV + storage applications, which typically require 3+ hour system durations and can greatly benefit from a 20-year warranted life span, aligning with the typical life cycle of PV modules. The Stack 230 performance guarantee allows the customer to use the batteries installed day 1 to be used for 20 years without any replacement.

With Tier 1 customers such as BMW, Daimler Benz, Volkswagen and Nissan, CATL is the leading battery cell vendor in the world by gigawatt-hours (GWh) per year delivered. CATL has achieved global deployment and is devoted to driving new energy innovation throughout the world.

Powin is delivering on contracted orders totaling over 600 megawatt-hours (MWh) for the Stack225, Stack230 and Stack230P products for delivery in 2020 and 2021.

More on Powin

Headquartered in Greater Portland, Oregon, Powin provides the large-scale energy storage systems that are essential for utilities, IPPs and project developers as they develop the highly flexible and reliable grid of the future. Powin’s business model, which spans from battery cell manufacturing through operation, allows the company to control the full integration of its systems, closely manage assembly costs, control quality, and have certainty around supply chain.

To date, Powin has installed or delivered over 250 MWh of battery storage projects, and coupled with its contracted sales pipeline, will exceed 1 GWh by 2021.

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