Growatt goes off-grid with AXE LV battery


Growatt added the AXE LV battery system to its smart energy product portfolio this week, expanding into the growing demand for residential off-grid / microgrid lithium battery storage systems. The new AXE LV battery system can scale from 5 kWh to 400 kWh.

Highlights of the system include internal plugs, requiring no extra cable connections, with all the external cables integrated onto one plug, to simplify its connection to the inverter.

In terms of safety, Growatt says says AXE LV has multi-level protections from the inverter and BMS, such as cell security monitoring and balancing. Meanwhile, the cobalt-free LFP battery is know for its high-temperature resistance, greater stability and performance of up to 5,000 charge cycles. It also has a longer life span of more than 10 years.

With regard to compatibility, AXE LV battery system can be used with all Growatt’s SPF off-grid series inverters and works along with the SPH and SPA series storage inverters.

For daily use and maintenance, Growatt provides a whole-system warranty including the battery system and storage inverters. Additionally, Growatt allows installers to upgrade the firmware of the battery system remotely, which can help reduce the O&M cost and improve service efficiency.

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