FlexGen debuts FlexPod energy storage system for C&I applications

Imagine this but much smaller.

FlexGen Power Systems is scaling down its large-scale energy storage solution a bit for the new FlexPod line of products, aimed at distributed and behind-the-meter battery energy storage applications. The FlexPod line comes in standard sizes to meet a broad range of project requirements and are fully containerized, modular and scalable.

FlexPod technology is built on over a decade of experience providing ESS for the Investor Owned Utilities, public utilities, independent power producers, and the US Government. FlexPods include batteries, power conversion electronics, thermal management and fire suppression. Each FlexPod is enabled with HybridOS energy management software.

“Commercial and Industrial businesses need scaleable, flexible energy solutions now more than ever. This is a sector that is bearing the brunt of energy inflation and the high costs of fossil fuels right now. With FlexPod, we are enabling all energy consumers to realize the benefits of advanced energy storage,” said Kelcy Pegler, CEO of FlexGen. “We’re committed to delivering solutions that allow our customers to meet the full-range of operational and commercial demands today, while anticipating the needs of tomorrow. HybridOS is the key to meeting those needs by enabling energy storage to be adaptable, flexible, and intelligent.”

FlexPod allows for solar generation “out of the box” and enables advanced microgrid functionality and integrating with EV charging infrastructure.

The system is fully containerized and able to evolve over time to changing requirements. As FERC Order 2222 starts to eventually make an impact, FlexPod will aid in participating in power markets, demand response programs, and interruptible rates.

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