Five ways Roof Tech delivers value for residential solar installers

Roof Tech delivers more value

Faster Installation Means Less Time on the Roof | Roof Tech’s rail-less mounting systems weigh less and use fewer parts, so it’s easier to set up every job. There’s no need to pull up shingles or hunt for rafters: simply place mounting bases exactly where they need to be, screw in the 3/16” stainless wood screws, and you’re done. As one customer put it, “Roof Tech mounting systems protect the integrity of the roof while saving time, and in our business, time is money.”

Smarter Design for Multiple Types of Roofing | Roof Tech mounts can be installed on rafters or direct to decking on low slope and steep slope flat roofs and on pitched roofs with complex angles. Innovative design makes the mounts compatible with asphalt, EPDM and TPO roofing with multiple arrays. A Roof Tech customer said, “With today’s shipping and supply chain challenges, the versatility of Roof Tech mounting systems reduces the number of vendors we have to use, and that simplifies our work.”

Superior Protection from AlphaSeal® Technology | Roof Tech’s proprietary technology developed in 1994 features RT Butyl and offers superior flexibility and protection. It’s impermeable against any type of moisture, withstands temperatures from -40° up to 248°F, and the system can be engineered to withstand wind speeds up to 180 mph. Virtually leak-free performance provides safety, security while protecting the integrity of every roof.

Proven Quality for 50+ Years on 1 million+ Homes | Roof Tech products are backed by Roof Tech’s parent company Yanegiken with 50 years of innovation and more than 1 million residential installs in Japan. Mounting systems are fully code compliant with IBC and IRC, and Roof Tech has stamped PE (Professionally Engineered) reports for 46 states in the U.S. and five provinces in Canada. Said one customer, “Roof Tech has thorough documentation for all their products which makes the inspection process go quickly and smoothly. That’s a big win for our customers and for us, too.”

Nationwide Support Backed by a 25-Year Warranty | Roof Tech has an experienced nationwide sales team offering unparalleled customer support. Sales reps are ready to provide hands-on training on installing Roof Tech systems, and a national network of distributors means customers rarely need to wait for materials.

“Even with today’s supply chain challenges, they always have the products we need in stock,” said one customer. Every product is backed by Roof Tech’s industry-leading, 25-year warranty.

Every day, more homeowners are discovering the economic and climate-friendly benefits of investing in rooftop photovoltaic systems. As a result, residential solar installers across the nation are responding with innovative solutions that deliver greater efficiency and lasting value.

Discover Roof Tech Products!

Roof Tech product line

Roof Tech, a leading provider of solar PV mounting systems, meets this growing demand by offering a full line of products that offer the value and versatility that residential solar installers need.

RT-MINI II features Roof Tech’s self-flashing AlphaSeal® system to attach conventional railed mounting systems to any sloped roof comprised of metal, EPDM, TPO, or asphalt.

RT-APEX is the industry’s most advanced and innovative rail-less roof mounting system featuring AlphaSeal® flashing for an impenetrable seal – now approved in Florida for all HVHZ projects!

RT-CONDUIT MOUNT is made for ½” to 1” conduit and can be used with a single-hole strap or conduit hanger. Ideal for rafter or deck installation, it includes screw, mount and AlphaSeal® flashing.

For more info, contact your regional Roof Tech sales manager today.

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