Error-Proof Solar Mounting Tech

BoltSeal technology from QuickBOLT

Does your installation crew know when they’ve missed the rafter? It should be obvious, but it’s often overlooked. There are times when missed rafters go unnoticed. QB2’s Boltseal® technology physically and visually indicates when a rafter is missed, so there’s no guessing game.

Boltseal® technology relies on torque-driven compression – if it can’t compress then it won’t seal. To compress the Microflashing® properly and protect the penetration from water intrusion, installers must hit the rafter. When you drive the QB2 (PN 17662) into our L-Foot and Microflashing®, BoltSeal® gets to work: the compression shoulder of the bolt forces the Microflashing® into the penetration, creating a watertight seal that doesn’t require other sealants.

If installers miss the rafter, they will know. It’s that simple. The Microflashing® will not compress, and the L-foot can easily be rotated by your installer. QuickBOLT mounts are the only products on the market that offer this type of error-proof installation technology. Your crews will save your company time and money with this failsafe feedback system. Your team will know they have done the job right the first time, reducing the need to return, and promoting your expert installer reputation.

So, what about that hole your installer made when they did miss the rafter? If it’s under ¾” from the final penetration then the 3” Microflashing® has it covered, it’s still protected by BoltSeal®. If the penetration is slightly outside that range, under 1 ¼”, grab a 4” Microflashing® for extra coverage.

BoltSeal® technology is so effective we have received ZERO leak claims over 13 years, and 4+ million mounts installed. QB2 and BoltSeal® technology is trusted by SolarInsure as their preferred method for solar mounting. QB2 is UL recognized, Intertek Lab tested and Miami-Dade Approved. Feel confident knowing your customers are in good hands with expert technology for expert installers.

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