Enphase IQ Battery 5P – the most powerful battery yet from Enphase

Enphase: IQ™ Battery 5P

The IQ Battery 5P is an all-in-one, AC-coupled microinverter-based storage system and the most powerful Enphase Energy battery yet. With 3.84 kW continuous power and 7.68 kW peak power for three seconds, the IQ Battery 5P allows homeowners to start and operate power-hungry devices – like HVACS and pool pumps – during outages.

It uses wired communication for fast and consistent connection, supporting quicker-than-ever commissioning times. Its modular design, configurable up to 80kWh, means installers can easily build the right size system to meet the needs of their customers.

The IQ Battery 5P easily integrates with the Enphase Energy System and can provide backup capability when installed with IQ System Controller 3/3G. The IQ Battery 5P can also be installed in a grid-tied, self-consumption configuration, without backup, for a lower upfront investment.

For customers in California, the IQ Battery 5P is optimized to take advantage of NEM 3.0 by self-consuming solar power and exporting power to the grid at the optimal times for maximum economic benefits.

Built to last, the Enphase IQ Battery 5P is supported by an industry leading 15-year limited warranty. To learn more about the IQ Battery 5P, please visit www.enphase.com/installers/storage/gen3.

To purchase this product, please contact your local authorized Enphase distributor.

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