Case Study: How Rosendin improved cable management at utility-scale sites with AWM


In August of 2020, Affordable Wire Management (AWM) was introduced to Rosendin. Thanks to AWM’s ability to design and produce high quality and robust cable management systems (CMS), Rosendin was an early adopter of AWM’s first generation offerings, and became one of AWM’s first partners in the industry.

During the course of several years, the relationship between the two companies grew and fostered a continuous exchange of insights. Feedback from Rosendin enabled the AWM team to improve on their original product suite and develop new, innovative offerings. AWM’s durable, metal solutions met Rosendin’s longevity requirements and seamlessly aligned with their commitment to quality.

Rosendin ultimately adopted AWM’s product suite across multiple utility-scale solar projects encompassing over 1.5 GW, including the completed Townsite Solar and Storage, Antelope Expansion 1B, Gaskell West, Athos I, Athos II, as well as four projects currently under construction: Scarlet I, Scarlet II, Brazoria, and Sandrini.

The partnership between AWM and Rosendin is a testament to the importance of not only building strong relationships, but also leveraging feedback to drive progress and success. Both companies have a passion and unified approach to the engineering, workmanship, and technology innovations that drive results and further the adoption of solar energy.


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