Top 10 Reasons to Go Rail-less

top 10 reasons to go rail-less

When you look at the largest residential solar installers across America, for the most part, they’ve all gone rail-less. What was once a niche option is now the installer go-to for the most prominent and smallest installers alike. In Top 10 Reasons to Go Rail-less, Roof Tech goes in-depth to make the case, showing how rail-less solar mounting:

  1. Gives Designers and Installers Flexibility
  2. Reduces Structural Stress
  3. Requires Less Material
  4. Eases Supply Chain Challenges
  5. Eliminates the #1 Cause of Water Intrusion
  6. Reduces Waste
  7. Is Safer for Crews to Install
  8. Improves the Aesthetics of the Roof
  9. Avoids Mid-point Inspections
  10. Saves Time and Money