Into solar module aesthetics? Stop by Solaria’s booth at SPI to see the PowerXT

Solaria PowerXT deployed

Booth 4960

Achieving greater than 20 percent efficiency, the aesthetically pleasing PowerXT panels from Solaria deliver outstanding power and performance and excellent project economics. With superior shading performance and higher energy yield, PowerXT is valuable for generating clean electricity on space-constrained roofs. Leveraging patented cell design, module architecture and assembly techniques, PowerXT has no visible circuitry. Its Pure Black design is exceedingly attractive with excellent curb appeal. Optimized and engineered for maximum energy output, PowerXT offers certified quality and a 25-year warranty.

Solaria (now an approved Sunnova vendor) has also started shipping PowerXT panels from SHINSUNG E&G’s (011930 KS) production facilities, doubling Solaria’s global production capacity.

“We’ve been seeing so much demand for our PowerXT panels that it has been a challenge to keep up,” said Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma. “We’re proud to be working with SHINSUNG E&G to meet this demand. SHINSUNG E&G is an established and highly respected leader in our industry, and has proven it shares Solaria’s commitment to manufacturing excellence.”

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  • I have a 29 panel system now, and am adding 11 more and have a solar edge invertor.
    I am interested in storage, and want a battery system that I can charge when dark with a generator.
    I have a deposit on a Tesla powerwall, and have been contacted to get it installed.
    I think it may be wise to compare, before paying for the rest and installation.
    Call me or email 704-450-7317,