Webinar: Upgrading your critical projects with Morningstar’s new SureSine inverters


Thu, Dec 8. | 2 p.m. EST 

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Join Solar Builder and Morningstar to learn more about designing for success in off-grid solar installations, in this special webinar covering Morningstar’s new SureSine line of off-grid inverters.  

Learn the differences in inverter design, and the key features that make an inverter “industrial grade” for higher-end remote powering applications. The new SureSines will enable solar professionals to build “all Morningstar” systems with no weak links.

You’ll learn about:

  • What makes an inverter industrial-grade, and the typical applications in which they’re called for
  • Communications features for remote monitoring, control, and integration into industrial control systems through open standards.
  • Device Configuration and real-time display of system performance with the mobile app, using the Bluetooth link
  • Thermal performance and temperature ratings for use in extreme climates and industrial system enclosures
  • Everything to know about application-specific product certifications and requirements
  • AC Outlet choices for a variety of global markets, as well as wiring options for professional installations
  • Powerful integration options with Morningstar products to offer additional control and system-level functionality


    Brad Berwald, Senior Product Manager:  Brad has two decades of technical sales experience in the RE power electronics; also expertise in Global Account Management, Technical Marketing & Training, as well as product development.  He holds a BSEE and a Marketing-focused MBA from Alfred University and serves on Morningstar’s Board of Directors [email protected] 

    Mark McHenry, Marketing Manager:  Mark handles digital marketing activities and projects for Morningstar, providing consistent communications to distributors, dealer/installers, technicians, users. His previous roles include PHD Virtual, a virtualization backup software company in Philadelphia.  Mark holds a BChE from Villanova University and an MBA from Temple University’s Fox School of Business [email protected]

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