Energy Storage Start-Up Kit

panasonic special report

Now is the time to prepare your business to sell and install energy storage systems — but where to start? How about the basics?

With this free Solar Business Builder Special Report, Panasonic does just that. This Energy Storage Start-Up Kit is an overview of on-grid energy storage basics for the solar installation and sales professional. Inside, those new to the segment will learn:

  • Tips for selling energy storage to customers
  • Four basic ways storage can add value
  • How a battery backup compares to a traditional backup generator
  • System sizing considerations
  • Pros and cons of AC and DC coupling
  • Lead-acid vs. lithium batteries
  • Battery specs to know
  • Questions to ask battery suppliers
  • What to watch in battery warranties
  • What’s included in Panasonic’s new EverVolt solar + storage system

Panasonic Energy Storage 2019